Our Health and PE focus for term 2 was first aid, safety and survey skills.

The term started with a trip to the Onehunga War Memorial Pools to have our second safety lesson. The children were asked to wear clothes over their togs so that they could experience how difficult it is swimming with clothes on. Wearing life jackets the children had to tread water for 10 minutes and huddle in small groups to keep warm. The instructor also talked about boating safety and the need for everyone to always wear life jackets when boating.

In week 4 we had a Red Cross come to school and work with the senior class for the morning. The instructor led the children through basic first aid training. In the afternoon the seniors ran a mini workshop and taught their newly learnt first aid knowledge to the juniors.

An ASB St John’s educator came later the same week and taught all our children how to make a 111 emergency call. The instructor provided the opportunity for the juniors to learn about what happens when you go in an ambulance. The senior class learnt first aid and safety around household products and poisons.

On Wednesday 14th June we invited Outdoor Education Specialist Dave Mason to Golden Grove School for our survival skills fun adventure day. Dave enthralled the children with his enthusiasm about bush safety. He brought along a survival emergency kit and his big bush pack of essential items to keep us safe in the bush. The whole school took part learning about how to stay warm and safe if lost in the New Zealand bush. As part of the lesson the children made damper, were guided on how to build a safe fire and then cooked their damper over the hot coals. One student commented it was the best bread she had ever tasted.

Thank you very much to all our visitors and instructors for giving us the wonderful opportunity to learn first aid, safety and survival skills.

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