Golden Grove School students presented their annual school show on the evening of Friday 19th May and a matinee on Saturday 20th May 2017.  The performance was held at our local theatre, the Dolphin Theatre, here in Onehunga.

This year the students presented a variety of performances including Kapa Haka, plays, choir and dances.  Each performance had something related to “time”, to create our “Concept of Time” theme for the show.  Students chose to take part in a variety of the performances, contributing to the choreography and design of the event.

Kapa Haka students chose 4 waiata to open the performance with, setting the stage with their high spirited traditional Maori welcome.

Our senior boys crafted a hilarious skit with personalties from different eras coming together in a game show. Laughter erupted from every audience member in the theatre.

The dramatic piece,  “Between the Strokes of the Clock” took us on a journey into the day-dreaming world of each student. Music, video, acrobatics, dancing and a band told the students story to our audience.

The Golden Grove School Choir sang their songs beautifully. They chose songs from the children’s history including New Zealand folk songs, a Tongan hymn and a Danish folk song. Students wore diverse and stunning traditional costumes from around the world.

Our scripted play “The Time Traveller’s Fate” shared a message of skepticism towards the growing dependence on technology. The students portrayed their futuristic world roles well, sharing with us their hopes for the future.

The “Evolution of Dance” troupe entertained the audience impressively. It was a journey through time; starting with 19th century Ballet, travelling to Swing in the 40’s, Disco in the 70’s, the memorable 80’s Robot dance and finishing with a fun finale.

The performance went very well and we are very proud of our students, well done everyone! This great success can only be attributed to everyone who kindly contributed to the performance.

A HUGE thank you to all our fantastic whanau volunteers who made or offered costumes, brought or served the food, brought items for the raffle, organised the raffle, supported backstage with make-up and props and helped with clean up. We could not do this without your support and genuine contributions. Thank you from all of us at Golden Grove School.

  (More photos in Photo Gallery)